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What are the materials used in optical fiber?

Optical fibers are composed primarily of silicon dioxide (SiO 2 ), though minute amounts of other chemicals are often added. Highly purified silica powder was used in the now- (MORE)

Why is glass fiber stronger than normal glass?

  Flexibility!   Glass Fiber can dissipate energy along the fiber, normal glass does not have a structure to dissipate the energy in an even form and proves easier to c (MORE)

Can a fiber glass withstand high temperature?

The answer depends somewhat on what you mean by "withstand" and how high a temperature you consider to be "high" temperature. Fiberglass will begin to lose tensile strength (MORE)

Are fiber glass pools superior to concrete?

  Answer   I am a big fan of Fiberglass pools. I have had vinyl liner pools and concrete pools. Fiberglass pools are easy to clean, they manitain chemical balance be (MORE)
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Can fiber glass be cleaned with acetone?

The term "fiberglass" is used for a variety of materials, and it's possible that your particular fiberglass object uses a matrix material that's soluble in acetone. It would b (MORE)

Why is carbon fiber a light material for a car?

  carbon fiber just weights less than traditional aluminum. they use it on alot of higer end cars so that weight their power to weight ratio will be better. Most SUV's and (MORE)

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