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What is the glaze used on pottery?

Glaze that is on pottery or ceramics is actually Glass. It is applied in it's raw form, as a liquid soluble on to the clay, and then fired in a kiln. At the proper heat, the g (MORE)

How do you bake a glazed ham?

(Here is one recipe from a contributor) --- Glazed Baked Ham1 12 lb. ham1 cup firmly packed brown sugar1 tablespoon mustard1/4 cup pineapple juice6 slices fresh or canned pin (MORE)

What is mean by Glazing of a grinding wheel?

After frequent use the wheel becomes dull or glazed. By glazing we  mean a condition of wheel in which the face of cutting edge takes a  glass like appearance. That is cutti (MORE)

Is glaze toxic?

  Most glazes contain toxic materials before they are fired. That is why it is best to use a mask when spraying and to not eat around liquid glazes. Once the glazes are fi (MORE)

What is Glazed Vitrified Tiles?

First of all why Glazed? Glazing, increase the tiles resistance towards water and stains because of the glaze, it has an attractive look, as a wide variety of colors and desi (MORE)

What is double glazing is and when is it used?

Double glazing is where two sheets of glass are placed together in  a frame with a vacuum between the panes. The vacuum prevents cold  entering from the outside and warmth e (MORE)
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What is structural glazing?

Structural glass is glass which has gone through a manufacturing process to enable it to be used for structural elements of buildings. The resulting product enables walls, flo (MORE)

How does a glaze change the properties of a ceramic?

potters can cover a ceramic with a thin layer of silicon dioxide  and heat it again. This process forms a glassy waterproof coating  called a glaze.
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What is a glazed rotor?

A glazed rotor is one that appears smooth and glazed over. There  are usually two reasons for glazing. The first is using cheap brake  pads. Another reason is an excessive a (MORE)

What is glazed fruit?

Glazed fruit (or crystalised fruit) are fruits that have been heated in a dense sugar syrup which absorbes the water in them untill they go transparent, they are then alowed t (MORE)