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What is a glaze?

Answer   The glass in a frame. Commonly the window of a house or the glaze.   The word Glaze means any extra surface coating on a thing .....Like doughnut gets a so (MORE)
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Is glazing dangerous?

  I've been in the glazing industry for over twenty years. The vast majority of injuries I have seen have been the direct result of someone not paying attention to what th (MORE)
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What is glazed cotton?

Glaze cotton is a high quality polished cotton, it is durable and looks like Silk Fabric It is mostly used for bed sheets, bed covers, cushions and a light weight glazed cot (MORE)

What is candy glaze?

A candy glaze is when someone.. like your brother and sister, ( Joseph, Olivia and jazmin ) go off their nut and run crazy.. trust me it can happen!!
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What is cremon glaze?

I am assuming you are meaning "Creme Anglaise" which is a base for most ice creams and Crème brûlée.

How do you glaze in baking?

Glazing is the term used to pour a thin coating of very thinned out (by liquid) frosting. A simple glaze is made up of confectioners sugar, milk (or liquid of choice) and a sm (MORE)

Why is glazing done?

window double glazing is used to reduce noise from traffic and reduce heat absorbtion/dissipation since it uses a pocket of air between two plates of glass which increases it (MORE)
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Why do you glaze a pot?

you glaze a pot so you can color it and make it smooth and shiny. It also makes a pot look very pretty because it is glossy. I know this because I have made tons of pots at th (MORE)

What is pottery glaze?

it is a mixture of glasses and colours, ground to a fine dust and mixed with water to form a type of paint. When pottery is coated with this paint, and then fired, the glasses (MORE)