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What songs did Glenn Miller play?

A full discography lists well over a thousand songs. Just a few of the most well-known include   Civilian band: Moonlight Serenade (the band's theme) In the Mood Stri (MORE)

Who were the pianists in the Glenn Miller band?

Howard Smith briefly played piano in the 1937 band. He was replaced in mid-year by Chalmers "Chummy" MacGregor who remained with the band until it broke up in September, 1942. (MORE)

Who was Glenn Miller?

Alton Glenn Miller ranks as the most popular musician of the first half of the 20th century. He was arguably the first pop music "superstar": in terms of the number of top-10 (MORE)

Did Glenn Miller have siblings?

Yes, 2 brothers and a sister. Deane was a dentist and Herb was also  a musician, although not nearly so successful. His sister was named  Irene.
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Why was Glenn Miller famous?

He was an advanced composer and leader of a Big band jazz Band and this not being the only thing he played an important part in the military. If he wasn't the only one there w (MORE)

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