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What is globbing?

Globbing is the process of expanding a non-specific file name containing a wildcard character into a set of specific file names that exist in storage on a computer, server, or (MORE)
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How do you defeat gir in globs of doom?

1. Get a friend to play with you. 2.when he comes down, PUNCH HIM!!!! (With both players)(or use beuteful gorgeous's love gun then use technas's shock gun). 3. repeat until (MORE)

What is a jabba glob?

It's a Jabba The Hut figurine with a detachable head. You put the slimey stuff with frogs [which comes with the toy] into the head, then reattach the head then it like spews i (MORE)

Why is Timmy Turner not in Globs of Doom?

Timmy was replaced by tak and invader zim as one of the maincharacters mostly because of popularity level so since timmy wasn'ta main character anymore he wasn't in the last n (MORE)

How is global warming affecting winters on glob?

Global warming, though it is a theory and some people believe it is fake, but still others believe, is the theory that humans are polluting the earth too quickly and creating (MORE)
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What did Peter glob do?

Peter Glob . Known as PV Glob . Danish archeologist who worked as the Director General of Museums and Antiquities of the state of Denmark and was also the Director of the Na (MORE)
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Why is globs green?

globs are green cause they have chemicals in them that make them green. technically globs can be any color of the rainbow you just have to have the right chemicals