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What is scavenger hunt?

  A scavenger hunt, is a list or riddle that some one reads and has to find, for example "go to someplace very cold, and look for something wrapped in gold." so you co (MORE)

What are the answers to the CDE scavenger hunt?

  search everything on the doll search...that has helped me is also a common place...i forget all the answers but try these places and you should be able t (MORE)

How do you do a scavenger hunt?

  Its basically a random search for items in a particular place. The items are normally tricky, such as a brain teaser, but in context.
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Any scavenger hunt riddles?

Stiff is my spine and I'm very pale. But i am always ready to tell a tale. (book) As i dry, i get wetter. What am i? (towel) I go up and down at the very same time, but ne (MORE)

Scavenger hunt at the mall?

Yes! here are some ideas:    · 1. One signature from a security guard   · 2. The name of a store in which the first letter is not  capitalized   · 3. A maga (MORE)

How do you create a scavenger hunt?

  Step #1: Find items that are small but easy to find.   Step #2: Scatter them all over the place. (Tip: Don't put the items next to each other.)   Step #3: Make a l (MORE)

How do you write a riddle for a scavenger hunt?

First you should have a list of things that you want your  scavengers to be finding, then you should think of a way to decribe  each thing with a rhyme Without saying what i (MORE)

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