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What are Answers to the constitution day scavenger hunt?

Constitution Scavenger Hunt Anagram    Directions: Using the Constitution, find the correct answer to the  clue. Then, indicate by Article, section, and clause the loc (MORE)

What is scavenger hunt?

  A scavenger hunt, is a list or riddle that some one reads and has to find, for example "go to someplace very cold, and look for something wrapped in gold." so you co (MORE)

Where is the torch in garfields scary scavenger hunt?

If you go into the kitchen you will find 3 cupboards, if you click the middle one you will find the torch
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What are the answers to the CDE scavenger hunt?

  search everything on the doll search...that has helped me is also a common place...i forget all the answers but try these places and you should be able t (MORE)

Any scavenger hunt riddles?

Stiff is my spine and I'm very pale. But i am always ready to tell a tale. (book) As i dry, i get wetter. What am i? (towel) I go up and down at the very same time, but ne (MORE)

Scavenger hunt at the mall?

Yes! here are some ideas:    · 1. One signature from a security guard   · 2. The name of a store in which the first letter is not  capitalized   · 3. A maga (MORE)

What are the bar codes for Ninjago scavenger hunt?

Go onto google and click modular life ninjago codes. Hope this helps. Sorry that I haven't memorized them.
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Congress scavenger hunt?

A congress scavenger hunt is a useful teaching tool for students  learning about the US government. To create the hunt, teams of kids  can be given lists of things to look u (MORE)

What are the answers to the pi scavenger hunt?

There are not any answers to the pi scavenger hunt online. Students  will need to see the teacher if they are not able to locate the  answers within the course materials and (MORE)

What is a funny team name for a scavenger hunt?

Some options include Operation Get All the PointsOperation Find All the ItemsTeam Waldo FindersAmazing ScavengersThe BuzzardsRunning Through the CityLost on PurposeEye Spy Th (MORE)