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Globulin 4.0 H WHAT does this mean?

If the Globulin level is abnormal there could be a health issue. Ifit is then you can take some medication and it will return tonormal.
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What is significance of low serum globulin?

a slightly low serum globulin probably has no significance, say 1.9 (where the low end of normal range is 2.2 or 2.3) unless associated with some other disease, such as kidney (MORE)
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What does low globulin mean?

The globulin is calculated by albumin minus total protein . A lowA/G level reflects an overproduction of globulins and may indicatechronic infections.
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What do the globulins in plasma do?

Globulins come in two forms; Immunoglobulins or Antibodies that attack foreign proteins and disease-causing organisms. The other is the transport proteins that carry small ion (MORE)
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What does globulin do?

they are simple proteins which serve to transport essential nutrients to various organs in the body
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What disease does immune globulin treat?

There are many types of immunoglobulin within the body. They are part of the immune response which the body activates when a pathogen/bacteria/virus enters the body. The body (MORE)
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What are globulins the plasma proteins responsible for?

globulins are the proteins present in blood plasma..proteis constitutent 7to 8% blood plasma.other proteins are albumins and fibrinogen.. globulins are used for transportation (MORE)
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Reversal of albumin-globulin ratio?

An albumin/globulin ratio reversal indicates that it is less than1.0. This may indicate neoplasm, intestinal disease, renal disease,congestive heart failure, infectious diseas (MORE)
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Is globulin 3.5 high globulin?

Normal globulin in the adult runs 2.3-3.4 g/dL. Alpha1 runs 0.1-0.3 g/dL or 1-3 g/L. Alpha2 runs 0.6-1 g/dL or 6-10 g/L. Beta globulin runs 0.7-1.1 g/dL or 7-11 g/L. If you're (MORE)
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How rapidly do immune globulins work?

Immunoglobulins are antibodies. Antibodies stick to things they recognise - each antibody only recognises one thing. When they stick to those things, they act as little fla (MORE)