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What is the mean of Tele Immersion?

Tele-immersion is aimed to enable users in geographically distributed sites to collaborate in real time in a shared simulated environment as if they were in the same physical (MORE)

What is tele banking and e -commerce?

Telebanking and e-commerce are both ways of conducting business  over the Internet. Telebanking involves moving money from account  to account and place to place over the in (MORE)
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What does tele mean?

The root tele- means "far" or "across a distance" e.g. television - to see a picture from a distance, telephone - to speak and hear from a distance, telescope - used to view (MORE)

What is tele prospecting?

  Within the context of business-to-business marketing, teleprospecting is the act of phoning profiled, targeted individuals within organizations with the sole intent to e (MORE)

Can you give me Lisa Ann tele or mobile number?

      Lisa Ann Grav - Mobiltelefon - Privat 916 97 567 - Mobiltelefon - Privat 954 70 224 - Mobiltelefon - Privat 958 08 647        Lisa Ann Williams   (MORE)

Is Gloria estefan Christian or Catholic?

Wkipedia lists her as being raised Catholic. lists her as Christian/Catholic.    Here are two quotes as published by the Catholic News Agency:  (MORE)

What is tele caller?

A tele caller is a telemarketing call. Just someone trying to sell  you something you didn't ask for.
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