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What will be the date on the first Tuesday in June in 2050?

When the year 2050 hits, the first Tuesday in June will be the 7th.  The first Tuesday in June will also be in the second week of the  month as June 1st falls on a Wednesday (MORE)
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What part of speech is the word glorious?

The word glorious is an adjective. It describes qualities or acts that are worthy of receiving glory.
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What famous people were born on the first of June?

  Born on June 1   1563 Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury. 1801 Brigham Young, American religious leader. 1814 Philip Kearney, Union general. 1831 John B. Hood, C (MORE)

What are the glorious princples of seventy-six?

The glorious principles of seventy-six refers to the principles of  liberty, protection of natural rights, and self-government  delineated in the Declaration of Independence (MORE)

Was the glorious revolution a real revolution?

Not in the sense of a battle or war. It was more of a Peace action of Religious tolerance, namely between the Protestant and Catholic factions. Some of the political inhibitio (MORE)
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What country did the glorious revolution occur in?

The Glorious Revolution is the name normally used to refer to the  overthrow of James the VII and II by William (his nephew) and Mary  (his daughter).    This took pl (MORE)