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What is gluon?

Computer calculation's suggest that a gluon is the force that forms between the two halves of a quark b when split apart, A rubber band like force which increases as the two (MORE)
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What is smaller than a gluon?

A gluon is smaller than a quark and it keeps quarks together. There are theories that there may be something smaller than a gluon but it is just a theory so for now there is n (MORE)
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What is the quark gluon phase?

A theoretical new state of matter. Quarks and gluons are components of atoms. When you heat certain atoms to around 4 trillion degrees Celsius, the atoms stop behaving as atom (MORE)
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What are quarks and gluons made of?

Quarks and gluons are made of quanta. A quantum is just a discrete temporal transition, or step of time. The mathematics of such quanta is causal set theory , where the quant (MORE)
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Who found gluons?

Gluons are bosons which mediate the force binding quarks to one another within a hadron (a particle made of quarks, such as a proton or neutron). No one person can take credit (MORE)

What is gluon and boson?

Gluons are bosons and bosons are a collection of 12 particles including gluons of the strong force, the three W and Z particles of the weak force, and the photon of the electr (MORE)