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What is the role of glutamine in cell culture?

  Primary Functions of Glutamine in Cell Culture Systems: Glutamine supports the growth of cells that have high energy demands and synthesize large amounts of proteins an (MORE)

Is it OK to take protein creatine glutamine potassium and calcium all at the same time?

  not sure about the potassium but creatine and glutamine are always used together, but the protein and calcium should be used carefully only on a strict diet; too much of (MORE)

Is it ok to take Creatine while taking protein and glutamine?

Well, when u say 'OK", i presume you mean safe and effective. If that's the case, then all creatine, protein and glutamine products are good for your body especially if you ar (MORE)
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Can i take Glutamine and Bcaa together?

Yes, the 2 work great together, most BCAAs come with Glutamine anyway, check for a 2 in 1 first before supplementing the two separately, it may be cheaper.
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What does glutamine do for your body during weightlifting?

Glutamin improves the body's recovery post workout. By ingesting 5grams per day, studies have shown improved healing of tissues. Refer to google scholar for research regarding (MORE)

What can glutamine do for high blood pressure?

Glutamine alone will do nothing for blood pressure. If there is  sodium in your diet though, the glutamine will combine with it  forming Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). MSG will (MORE)