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Is Glycerol organic?

Glycerol, also called glycerin or glycerine, is an organic compound. It is called this because it contains carbon molecules as seen through the formula C3H5(OH)3. Because carb (MORE)

Is glycerol flammable?

No it most certainly isnt, to break all the bonds in the glycerol you need to put in an enthalpy of +6974 and the energy released when the bonds reform is -5852, so you get le (MORE)

Where can you buy glycerol?

  Glycerine is the same as glycerol or glycerin. It's found in the baking aisle of your supermarket or at the pharmacy.

What contains glycerol?

In the body, glycerol is contained in lipids. It can also be found  in many food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical items.

What is glycerol used in?

Glycerol is widely used as a solvent; as a sweetener; in the manufacture of dynamite, cosmetics, liquid soaps, candy, liqueurs, inks, and lubricants; to keep fabrics pliable; (MORE)