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Why is glycerol polar?

Because of the presence of hydroxyle group, the oxygen is more electronegative and pulls electrons towards it making it polar
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Where can you buy glycerol?

Glycerine is the same as glycerol or glycerin. It's found in the baking aisle of your supermarket or at the pharmacy.

What contains glycerol?

In the body, glycerol is contained in lipids. It can also be foundin many food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical items.

How glycerol is sterilized?

i guess if it is distilled all bacteria that could be in the compound will be denatured and killed, but if you mean how are contaminants removed, solid contamination can be fi (MORE)

Is Glycerol organic?

Glycerol, also called glycerin or glycerine, is an organic compound. It is called this because it contains carbon molecules as seen through the formula C3H5(OH)3. Because carb (MORE)
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Is glycerol sugar?

I would say no, simply because sugars usually end with -ose such as glucose and fructose, but i couldn't be sure, i haven't looked into it.
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Is glycerol is conductor?

I seriously doubt it because it isn't a polar molecule, and the oxygen in it is incredibly electronegative so I seriously doubt it will allow an electron flow around itself
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How is glycerol formed?

There are two basic ways glycerol forms. The first is natural, by the combinaation of fats and oils. The second is by sythesizing it, by a cehmical process that begins by chlo (MORE)