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What are the Gnostic Gospels based on?

The Gnostic Gospels are based on the teachings of spiritual leaders including Jesus. The Gnostic Gospels are fifty-two ancient texts not in the Bible we read today.
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What is the origin of gnosticism?

The origin of Gnosticism is generally believed to come from 3 main sources: Much of its philosophical tendencies came from Platonism, speculations on the origin of evil may ha (MORE)

Is gnosticism a sect or cult?

In early Christian times, Christianity was highly fragmented. Gradually, two main branches developed - what is now called the proto-Catholic-Orthodox branch and the Gnostic b (MORE)

Where was Gnosticism founded?

Gnosticism began as early as 200 BCE, despite that much record of  its existence became shrouded due to the onset of the Dark Ages  brought about by the actions of the Catho (MORE)

Why do Catholics hate Gnostics?

Catholics do not hate anyone. However, they do feel that the Gnostics as well as Protestant groups have distorted and revised scripture and tradition to suit their own needs
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Why were the Gnostic Gospels banned?

When Emperor Constantine came to power he granted the Christian  Church state privileges and patronage, but this was only to apply  to the Catholic-Orthodox branch of Christ (MORE)

What connection is there between the Cathars and the Gnostics?

The Cathars were a late Gnostic Christian sect that appears to have  begun in Cologne, Germany and then spread into southern France. The  earliest known references to Cathar (MORE)

What are the basic laws for gnostic religion?

Most gnostic sects were Christian, although arguably there were some Judaic gnostic sects, including the early period of the Sethians. The early Gnostics do not appear to hav (MORE)

Who are the Christian gnostic 7 archangels?

In Christian Gnosticism, the 7 archangels are Gabriel, Raphel,  Barachiel, Michael, Uriel, Sealtiel, and Jehudiel.    Note that the the First Book of Enoch lists seven (MORE)

Was Jesus a gnostic?

A:    We do not really know what Jesus believed, as there is probably  little that is genuinely historical in the New Testament gospels.  However, the epistles of the (MORE)