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What am I going to do?

Well, i forgot to explain myself: Here i am: After living and working in the Bay Area (Berkeley) forabout 10+ years i have returned to my hometown in Europe.Well, i personally (MORE)

Will she go out with him?

Answer If she really likes him and he asks her out then she probably will!
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Where will you go?

  The real question... is where will YOU go? Think about it, itll change your life.   Glad to help!! =]
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How can he go out with you?

The guy can go out with whom ever he chooses that's his business, if you don't like tell him privately but don't cause him to do anything that ruin his relationship. -Trust me (MORE)

Will she go out with me?

Ask yourself these three simple questions:    Do you have the booty?  Do you have charisma?  Are your eyebrows on fleek?     If you answered yes to all three o (MORE)