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What does Go Sam Go mean?

These are words of encouragement, to a person named Sam. As in 'Go, Sam, go!'; as opposed to 'Stop, Sam, stop'. It is a question of context. If you did not want Sam to do well (MORE)

Go on foot or go by foot?

Although the expression 'going on foot' is more often used, 'going  by foot' is equally correct.   Comparing the usage of 'on' and 'by', most people would say they  are (MORE)
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Will or going to?

Is 'going to' or 'will' correct in the following sentence:   'As soon as I arrive home, I am going to switch on my computer' ?   Thank you
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Where you going?

  im not going anywhere. i think im staying home for the evening and maybe tomorrow i might go out for a bit. if i go out, i will check my mail, go to the store to buy gro (MORE)
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Who sings go go go get it right?

Closest thing in my youth was the theme song of one of the worst of the animated and animal cartoons- the Go-Go Gophers. the song went in part, Go-go Gophers, watch "em Go-Go- (MORE)

Answers with Joanna Going

Joanna Going talks about her role as a hard-edged, drug-addicted prostitute in DirecTV's gritty and provocative new series "Kingdom."Uh...what's that word...relax?On DirecTV's (MORE)

Go Kart Head-on Collision

During a Junior TKM race, this driver suffered an engine seizure causing her to spin out and collide head-on with another kart. Luckily both drivers and karts will make a full (MORE)

What am I going to do?

Well, i forgot to explain myself: Here i am: After living and working in the Bay Area (Berkeley) forabout 10+ years i have returned to my hometown in Europe.Well, i personally (MORE)

Do you have to go to college to go to university?

Not at all. There are a lot of students that go straight to university from high school and don't need to get into that "transition" period that colleges offer. Often a colleg (MORE)

Is Kochab going to go supernova?

Yes there is a good possibility that Kochab is going to or has gone supernova. The Star is in the right phase and also has sufficient mass to experience a supernova. However (MORE)