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Can you go swimming after you get a belly button piercing?

You need to wait 4-6 weeks after you get the  piercing before you go swimming. The first 4-6 weeks are a critical  time in the healing process, and during this time your pie (MORE)

Why do snakes turn belly up when they die?

They don't always - but some snakes adopt that pose when trying to fool a predator into thinking htey're dead - as most predators will not eat already dead prey.
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Does a rabbit's belly swell up when it dies?

Yes. It happened to mine when it died. :( Anyway, this usually happens hours after the rabbit has died because this is when the body of it starts to decompose internally. Sinc (MORE)

What does belly up to the bar mean?

To stand at a drinking bar...a place that sells alcoholic beverages. Usually, the bar, or surface that the drinks are served on, is the approximate height of an ordinary perso (MORE)