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Can you go swimming after you get a belly button piercing?

You need to wait 4-6 weeks after you get the  piercing before you go swimming. The first 4-6 weeks are a critical  time in the healing process, and during this time your pie (MORE)

How many pages are in the book Belly Up?

There are 304 pages in the paperback edition of Belly Up by Stuart  Gibbs.
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Why do snakes turn belly up when they die?

They don't always - but some snakes adopt that pose when trying to fool a predator into thinking htey're dead - as most predators will not eat already dead prey.
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What two bellied muscle makes up the calf region of the leg and what is its function?

gastrocnemius   This muscle is a two-bellied muscle that forms  the curved calf of the posterior leg. It arises by two heads, one  from each side of the distal femur. It (MORE)

Does a rabbit's belly swell up when it dies?

Yes. It happened to mine when it died. :( Anyway, this usually happens hours after the rabbit has died because this is when the body of it starts to decompose internally. Sinc (MORE)
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Can sperm go through uterus from the belly button?

No, it can't. The belly button has no opening into the body. If it did we'd have a lot more infections... Even if the belly button was an entry point, it is in no way connecte (MORE)

Should a girl who is 14 going on 15 get her belly pierced?

I'm a professional piercer and i say go for it. I know you probably herd the whole that it can stretch out. Well sorry that cant happen, to tell you the truth its just us try (MORE)

Why do blue bellied lizards do push ups?

It is to show dominance, rather like humans! It can also be to do with agressiveness, but supposedly not mating (so slightly different to humans).
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