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What is origin of go the whole hog?

In reference to Southern barbecue (of which the staple meat is pork), cooking a whole hog, rather than individual cuts such as ribs or shoulders, is as far as it can be taken. (MORE)

What is the difference between a camera hog and a camera ham?

Answer   A camera hog "steals the spotlight" from others, while a camera ham is a very over-enthusiastic model for the camera, loves the attention, and loves to be photog (MORE)
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How tall is a wild hog?

Most wild hogs are long legged (3 ½ to 5 feet long & 2 to 3 feet tall) and run like deer.
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What does a red river hog eat?

Red River Hogs mainly eat Berries & Fruit and are even known to eat Fungi. They also eat Grass and other sort of Vegetables.  Like all swine, they will eat small animals as w (MORE)

What does a ground hog eat?

Ground hogs eat wild grasses, berries, agricultural crops and many other vegetation. They also eat grubs, insects and some other small animals and they also eat nuts.
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What is the best caliber for wild hogs?

Depends on the size of the hog and hunting regulations. Hogs have been killed with just about every caliber or gauge you can think of.   AnswerIf you are hunting in woodlan (MORE)

Who is in the movie wild hogs?

John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William Macy
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Where do ground hogs go in winter?

They go underground to hibernate in Northern climes.In the South, they may emerge on mild winter days.  They r mammals
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What do Spanish hog fish eat?

Spanish hog fish eat phtoplankton, snails, crabs, lobster heads and  even other dead fish. They are known to eat their own family. They  are eaten by octopi (octopuses), dog (MORE)