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What is the meaning of the word 'Gob'?

Answer . British slang; mouth. As in "Shut your gob!". Answer . Oh, that is wonderful. In US slang, and I think only in the plural, gobs, it can mean "lots and lots" of (MORE)

Where did the word gob come from?

Gob is an Irish and British slang term meaning mouth . a gob (band) a punk band from Vancouver, BC, Canada . Gob or boney piles, low-coal-content waste from coal mining (MORE)

What is gob smacking?

Gob Smacking, or "Gobsmacked" is slang expression used in the UK to indicate surprised, astonished. "Gob" is slang for one's mouth. When a person is amazed or astonished, he m (MORE)

Did Pythagoras have a gob?

Yes. He had a gob right on the carpet. Filthy habit (I think you mean a job. He didn't have a job, but he was a philosopher, a mathmatitian and an astronomer).
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Why are sailors called gobs?

The origin is British. The late quotation anthologist James B. Simpson sent me an early usage in 1997 from Tony Banks, Britain's minister of sport at the time, I was completel (MORE)

Where did Arrested Development release GOB?

G.O.B. is a main character on the hit show Arrested Development. A floundering, once big, magician G.O.B. often supplements his income with a variety of jobs. His bigger than (MORE)