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What is the origin of the word gobsmacked?

to be dumb struck (speechless) by surprise From Coal Mining: The hole created by the removal of waste material was known as the Gob (from the slang for mouth). Occasionally ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for gobsmack?

"Gobsmack" remains undefined. . "Gobsmack" is the incorrect form of the word. The correct use is "gobsmacked". Example: "I was utterly gobsmacked when I returned home t ( Full Answer )
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What is gobsmacked?

it is an expression meaning that a person is amazed or astounded by an event (flabbergasted) it derives from the Irish language.
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What does gobsmacked mean?

It means completely taken aback, so shocked that you almost feelsomeone struck you in the face. (Gob is slang for mouth).