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Can you be a god?

no .god is in heaven and he created you. he also sent Jesus to earth to save you from youre sins,because he lloves you more than you know. it is a sin to think of your self as (MORE)
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What is the will of God?

On some issues the will of God is clear. In other words, we know it is the will of God to love one another. We know it is the will of God to help one another. On other issues (MORE)
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If you where me and i was God who are you then?

Since you spelt it wrong it could be two answers:. 1) The answer would not be who am I, it would be who am I now. I am someone, but now I am wearing God, who is you, so now I (MORE)
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Do you have a God?

Every person can answer this question differently, so go to a forum if you want answers.
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What the will of God?

the will of god is simple we are made in his image so it is reasonable to assume that he has the same wants as we do. we need to be loved paid attention to, we need anger and (MORE)
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Who is God for you?

It depends in which God you belive in. It can be From your ruler to whatever you belive about them or in them.
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How do you no gods a he?

God is like a 3-in-1. He is God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Son, Jesus, was a boy. We know this because the angle comes to Marry and says "...You will bare a (MORE)
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Where are gods from?

There is only one God. He "became" into existance though the event of becoming aware of light from darkness, which I interpret to mean, self-awareness (God is "the light.") M (MORE)
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How can you no gods will?

by fallowing his son jesus throughout your life and getting in the word every day and god will start speakingto you but u also have to want to listen and be willing to do what (MORE)
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What can god do for you?

God can do many,many things.When you are led and in God's safe arms,he can do anything for us