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Why is there a god?

how can you say why is there a god, if you have no proof of his  existance? if you think that if you told somebody a story and that  story got passed on through generations (MORE)

Who was god?

God was and and is the only God in whom we should all love and praise for He sent His only Son to die on the cross for our sins so that we may mot suffer in hell

What is GOD and where he is?

  This is a matter of opinion God is everything and therefore is every where in the future now and the past simultaneously.
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Who and where is god?

There are various religious tradition that would tell you that God is in heaven, or that He is everywhere, or that He is nowhere. He may be named Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah. He (MORE)

Is she of god?

no,god is god.he has no gender. but, yet people seem to think that god ia a male. no one is quite sure. well, i guess that you will find out when you get to heaven.

Where are gods?

Gods and goddesses in ancient Greece were thought to be the personifications of elements, night and day, and emotions.
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Will of god?

Live. Or in some religions, die. Seriously anyone who does something "because it's gods will" is depending on the context mentally unstable or unable to think for themselves.
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