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What are god?

To correct your grammar, "what is God"? Or "who is God"? God is the  Creator and King of all. He created the heavens and the earth and  everything in it. He is spirit. He is (MORE)

Is god there?

Yes, God is always there for you. He is like your best friend. In fact, He even asks you to make Him your best friend. Don't ever think He's not there for you, because He is. (MORE)

Which gods were the source of the gods of Hinduism?

Vishnu is one of the major hindu gods. He is known to have 10 forms (avatars). Vishnu is worshipped as a god, and so are Krishna and Rama, who are worshipped as seperate gods (MORE)

Why is there a god?

how can you say why is there a god, if you have no proof of his  existance? if you think that if you told somebody a story and that  story got passed on through generations (MORE)

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Is there a God?

The community has said... . I don't know. We'll all find out one day! Maybe, maybenot. . Without empirical proof, then it's all hypothesis, conjecturesand/or wishful thin (MORE)

Is the God of Africa the God of Bible?

It depends were in Africa you asking talking about. There are muslem countries, and others are not. There are no muslem countries in the southern part of Africa. Answer: No. " (MORE)

Who sings are god is an awesome god?

"Our God is an awesome God" is a phrase from a song by Rich Mullins.
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What god is the best on pocket god?

That depends on opinion. Of course, perhaps the most important thing to consider is the power. Some idols are pathetic, like: Shark God All Gods with the "Freeze idol for 3 t (MORE)

Is Christ a God or a messenger of God?

If you are a Christian, then Christ is the Son of God and ... considered God as well. A messenger? Sure He is. He is a prophet after all. One thing a prophet does is to reve (MORE)

Where is God?

If God is the inherent intelligence within all entities as professed by most theologies, then by that definition God should be wherever you are. If the theology is true then G (MORE)