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What is Allah Gender?

Allah is the Arabic name of God, same God worshiped by Christians and Jews. Allah has no gender of female or male as God and Goddess. Allah has no plural as Gods or Goddesse (MORE)
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What gender is my Cockatoo?

It depends on the species. In many species of cockatoo, it is  almost impossible to tell the difference between a male and a  female. In some, the colouring of the feathers (MORE)

What is the will of God?

On some issues the will of God is clear. In other words, we know it is the will of God to love one another. We know it is the will of God to help one another. On other issues (MORE)

Who is ''God''?

God is a great religion that is called Christianity. The religion Christianity also says that he created the world. He also made a person just like you thousands of years ago (MORE)

Is God there or not?

There is only One God and he is there to help all those who turn to  him.    Answer:   Yes, God is there - and everywhere. There are tens of proofs for  God's exi (MORE)