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Will God save everyone?

According to the standard Christian theology, no, he will not. And the bottom line is that it is not up to individuals whether they are saved or not. The deity has decided to (MORE)

How did mercury save the roman gods?

In the stories about Mercury (Greek Hermes) he rescues Mars (Ares) from imprisonment by the Giants and also rescues Jupiter (Zeus) from imprisonment by the Typhon. He rescues (MORE)

What are the saving acts of God?

Saving acts of God are those things that help a person change his  or her ways. These acts could be kindness, generosity, healing, and  breakthroughs.

What are the lyrics to God Save the Queen?

The standard version is as follows:     : God save our gracious Queen  : Long live our noble Queen  : God save the Queen:  : Send her victorious,  : Happy and glor (MORE)

Why did God save Noah and his family?

Noah and his family were spared from the flood as God found them only ones who remembered god, and did not fall into the wicked ways of the other people.
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Will god save us?

yes he will only if u believe in him tha jesus die on the cross to save our sins Another Answer: Yes, it is God intention that none should perish but all receive Eternal life (MORE)

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