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Is 'oh my god' a bad word?

To say "Oh my God" is, in casual use, to use God's name in vain. In some religions, this is a sin. So no, the word "god" is not bad; the unnecessary or careless use of the wor (MORE)

How do you preach the word of God?

Pastors or ministers or elders, whatever the leader of a church is called are actually called by God to preach the Word. But regular persons like me or you can preach the Word (MORE)

How do Christians describe God in words?

Well, I'd like to start of with descriptive names and from there go on to a more complex, detailed description of him. Some of the names for him: The Alpha and Omega, Beginn (MORE)

What is the Hebrew word for God?

Answer 1 There are many Hebrew words for God. Jewish tradition counts 72words, though this list varies by scholar. Kabbalah uses adifferent approach, not based on the spoken (MORE)

Does the word GOD always have to be capitalized?

Christian View: Yes, always. It is showing GOD respect. After all He is the GOD of all creation, no one is higher on earth or all the heavens. If you know and love GOD you wil (MORE)

What is the Hebrew word for If god wills it?

"to will" is an old-fashioned way of saying "to want". In Hebrew, there is no distinction between the two: im yirtseh hashem (אם ירצה ה׳)
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How did the word of God spread?

It was spread "biblical times" by word of mouth. There was no TV, no radio, nothing but word of mouth. 1. As the church was persecuted, and the believers were scattered, the (MORE)

What is the Aramaic word for God?

We go to the Aramaic New Testament, use Matthew 1, verse 23 as a reference and find the spelling: ALEPH, LAMED, HE, ALEPH. To be sure that the name is correctly pronounc (MORE)

What the word of god teaches about divination?

Divination presupposes that the divine communicates with the human. This communication takes both human and divine initiative. Inductive techniques depend on human initiation. (MORE)