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How do you build a godly relationship?

Building a godly relationship is a hard thing to do. It requires time and effort on your part. GOD particle is present everywhere in everything around. You only need to believ (MORE)

What character traits are in a godly man?

Apart from salvation itself, a Godly man is God's greatest gift to a woman.  Because God is an integral part of who he is, the Godly man has the resources of agape love withi (MORE)

What is Godly love?

Godly love is a love that can only come from God. It is never ending and unconditional. We cannot fathom the amount of love God has for us. It is different than any type of lo (MORE)
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What are the powers demigods get from their godly parent?

Childs of Athena are super brainy, Childs of Posiden get power over water and get healed by water, Childs of Zeus can sumon lightning bolts and can FLY, Clilds of Aphrodite ca (MORE)

What is a godly vessel?

the human soul     The exact pairing "godly vessel" does not occur in the King James, New King James or Standard translations of the Old or New Testaments. This is clo (MORE)

What is godly characters?

im wondering if you are asking what are godly characteristics ? This questions often gets me in debates because i believe to truly have the characteristics of God, is to have (MORE)
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What is the doctrine of Jehovahs Witness's are they godly doctrine?

ANSWER: YES If you do not believe a JW then check it for yourself... it is all right there in the BIBLE!! Here are what they believe.... WHAT JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES BELIEVEB (MORE)
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Is godliness is an abstract noun?

Since abstract nouns are names of things that are not tangible (cannot be touched or seen), "godliness" which is the name of a quality, would be an abstract noun.
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