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What court case established the elastic clause?

The 1819 Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland firmly established the broad scope of the Elastic Clause. The Court decided that congressional actions are constitutional as (MORE)

What are clauses?

In documents   A specific, separate article in document, usually a treaty, bill,  or some other kind of legally binding document. A document may have  separate clauses d (MORE)

List four supreme court cases concerning the establishment clause and comment on their significance?

Bradfield v. Roberts ruled that funding was for a hospital was  permissible even though the hospital was operated by a Roman  Catholic institution. Everson v. Board of Educa (MORE)

What is the Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause referenced in the case US v. Nixon?

United States v. Nixon, 418 US 683 (1974) US v. Nixon, (1974) invoked parts of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. The Due Process Clause means a person brought to trial on crim (MORE)

What is a gold watch case with Essex Columbia?

The book History of the American Watch Case, Warren H. Niebling, Whitmore Publishing, Philadelphia, PA, 1971 (available on loan by mail to members from the NAWCC Library & Res (MORE)