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Where is Colorado?

Colorado is located in the Western United States. Colorado borders Wyoming to the North, Kansas and Nebraska to the East, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the South, and Utah to the (MORE)

How hot does it get in Colorado?

Depends on summer or winter. Summer we hit 80s-90s on the eastern plains, and sometimes the rare 100 (on a dry summer). And sometimes summer starts later and we can have 50s (MORE)

Why are golden retrievers golden?

This is a short history lesson but it answers the question: The golden retriever breed started out with Lord Tweedmouth cross-breeding a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) and (MORE)

What are facts about Colorado?

Some facts about Colorado: . About 33% of all the land in Colorado belongs to the FederalGovernment. . About 75% of all the land in the US over 10,000 feet inelevation is (MORE)

Why are golden retrievers golden colored?

They are golden because lord Tweedmouth there Creator bred a number of other breads together to create golden retrievers. He selected the breads to give the dogs certain chara (MORE)