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Who was Goliath?

Goliath was a nine foot Trained Warrior like Conan from the army of the phillistines. The Philistines challenged Israel to a one on one battle, so as to spare many soldier's l (MORE)

Was there a death in Six flags Magic Mountain?

Yes but that was because someone who rode Batman the Ride was wearing a hat and it fell of while he was riding it. When he got off the ride he went over the restricted area of (MORE)

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How large was Goliath?

According to the Dead Sea Scrolls and earlier 4th centurySeptuagint (Greek) text of Samuel, gives the height of Goliath as"four cubits and a span" (approximately 200 centimete (MORE)
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Can you bring food into magic mountain?

Well, you can't bring large coolers or anything really that is specifically made for food. But if you put them in a purse, murse, backpack, or another day to day carrying syst (MORE)

What is mountain walk in Magic the Gathering?

Mountainwalk is one of the six "land walk" abilities that creatures can have, the others being Plainswalk, Islandwalk, Forestwalk, Swampwalk and Non-basic Landwalk. Each refer (MORE)