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What is a gondolas?

a gondola is that thing that goes on a wire above the ground. like a little pod. a gondola is also shelving displaying merchandise in retail stores. a gondola can also be (MORE)

When were Gondolas invented?

According to the official "Gondolas Website" there is no date for their invention, most agree they were 'invented' by usage in the city about the time the city was founded; c. (MORE)

Where can you buy a gondola?

in venice. Or call Michelangelo in California and he can get you what ever you need in regards to Gondolas..

What is Gondola shelving?

Gondola Shelving is Commonly used is retail stores such as pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores. They are constructed of metal components and metal shelving, they m (MORE)
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Why are gondolas famous?

At one time they were the chief mode of transportation in Venice. Nowadays, although they are still in use, they are primarily used for romantic outings on the water.
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What is a gondola-?

A gandola is a light flat bottomed boat that is usually used on theVenetian canals.