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What is a gondola mover?

Action of moving a gondola. It depends on the meaning of "gondola". In retail, a gondola is a shelving displaying the store merchandise. The role of a gondola mover is to mov (MORE)
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Where can one purchase Gondola shelving?

Gondola shelving is often used in retail stores. One can purchase Gondola shelving from many shelving suppliers such as Fixture Finders and Smart Fixtures. There are many st (MORE)
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What is a gondola on a planogram?

This answer describes a gondola planogram. Imagine you are at Wal-Mart looking at a 4 foot wide section of empty display shelving (including pegboard). That is a gondola. Th (MORE)
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Are there gondolas in Paris?

No. But there are large boats called bateaux-mouche where you can book a seat and/or a meal and enjoy the sights from the river.
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What is a gondolas?

a gondola is that thing that goes on a wire above the ground. like a little pod. a gondola is also shelving displaying merchandise in retail stores. a gondola can also be a sm (MORE)

How do you get the gondola in my sims kingdom DS?

well first of all, go to the construction builder guy. (i forgot his name) and choose the option "build a building" next, choose the icon that looks like a fence with a house (MORE)

What is 'gondola' when translated from Italian to English?

"Little tail" literally and "Venetian single-oared boat" are English equivalents of the Italian word gondola. The feminine singular noun originates in the Greek word κοντ (MORE)
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What is a gondola-?

A gandola is a light flat bottomed boat that is usually used on the  Venetian canals.