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What is the Gondwana Shield?

Gondwana was an ancient super continent. It made up what is nowSouth America, Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, India, and Australia.

What is gondwana land?

Gondwana land no longer exists. It has to do with the theory of tectonic plates. At one time the continents of Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica, the sub continent (MORE)

What was gondwana land?

Gondwanaland was named after a tribe called Gonda,as a tribute to the people living there. It was the combination of five different continents which are now separated due to s (MORE)

What continent was not part of gondwana?

It should be 'continents' - in plural. 3 continents were not part of Gondwana super-continent. They were North America, Europe and Asia - which formed the other super-contine (MORE)
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How gondwana and angara were formed?

they are formed when the pangea divided into twothe norther land is angara land & the southeren land is gondwana land