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What formed Gondwana and Laurasia?

Gondwana was formed by the amalgamation of South America, Africa, India, Australia, and Antarctica. Laurasia was formed by Laurentia and Eurasia, both of which make up the m (MORE)

What is gondwana land?

Gondwana land no longer exists. It has to do with the theory of tectonic plates. At one time the continents of Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica, the sub continent (MORE)

What was gondwana land?

Gondwanaland was named after a tribe called Gonda,as a tribute to the people living there. It was the combination of five different continents which are now separated due to s (MORE)
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What do the names Laursia and Gondwana mean?

Laurasia and Gondwana are names given to the two early principal pieces into which Pangaea broke up. Later, Gondwana broke into major pieces with Arabia, India, Madagascar a (MORE)
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What gondwana land comprises?

the gondwana land included india,australia,south africa,south america and antartica as one single land mass....... i am not sure if its correct i just tried :)