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Is Gonzo a Japanese term If so what does it mean in Japanese?

There is a type of sandal for little kids called gonzou (gonzo with a long o sound at the end). Also, gonzou (the same word basically, with different Chinese characters) can m (MORE)

Where is gonzo on Panfu?

He is at the swimming pool.He is in the bottem left corner. He is wearing a pair of sunglasses and elves hair
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What is gonzo on the muppets?

Gonzo is according to muppets from space, is an alien. But most of the time they refer to him as a 'whatever' but really, Jim Henson answered that question with muppets from s (MORE)
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What does go gonzo mean?

AdjectiveOf or associated with journalistic writing of an exaggerated, subjective, and fictionalized style.Bizarre or crazy. Goes crazy.

What IS Gonzo?

  In the late 90s, the question was posed in the Ask web column. Dave Goelz responded: "Nobody knows except perhaps his parents, and they're not talking. It was (MORE)

What kind of animal is gonzo?

He was described as a "whatever". However, in the film, Muppets in Space, it was revealed that Gonzo is an alien, but it was never mentioned what type of alien he was. In th (MORE)