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Who was goodbye mr chips star?

1939 Version: Robert Donat and Greer Garson. 1969 Version: Peter O'Toole and Petula Clark. 2002 Made for Television Version: Martin Clunes and Victoria Hamilton.
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What is goodbye in Pakistan?

In Pakistan people say "Allah Hafiz" as a gud bye and that Means 'May God always Protect you"
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Goodbye in Ukrainian?

A more formal way of saying goodbye would be до побачення (do pobachenya). A rather informal way that is now common among Ukrainians is simply saying па па (pa (MORE)
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Goodbye Mr Chips what subject did mr chips teach?

Math. He taught at a boy's academy. This may refer to the 1969 film. In the 1939 film he is hired to teach History. In the original book he taught "Classics" - Latin, Greek, (MORE)

Goodbye in German?

There are various ways to say goodbye in German:   Formal: Auf Wiedersehen, Auf wiederhören (only on the telephone)    informal: Tschüss, adé, adéla, servus, Ts (MORE)

What are mrs mikes potato chips?

  Mrs. Mike's Potato Chips are great tasting potato chips that are similar to Old Salty's or Mrs. Fisher's if you get them (Rockford, Illinois). Mrs. Mike's are made in Fr (MORE)