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What is a good?

A good is anything that is made that you sell. This is part of manufacturing, the process of making "goods" to sell. The difference between "goods" and "services" is that "goo (MORE)

How good is this?

i don't know how good this is but seeing as you said that with sarcasm, i would think that it is really good.

How do you be good?

how to be good is very simple all u have to do is follow the rules respect people and help them and be good and school. And always do ur homework.

You are good?

Yes I am but my Brother keeps bothering me and my kidney hurts. when I am good, I am very very good, but when I am bad I am horrid
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Why be good?

When you ask this question, you may notice the necessity of goodness to exist. You may worry that, if there is no reason for it, no one would do good or be a civic individual. (MORE)

What is good will?

The good will is a place that you donate old clothing or stuff you don't want and it ends up with the homeless, children in need and other people that need the stuff you donat (MORE)
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What are you I am good?

The response to the question: "What are you good at? should besomething like I am good at Math.
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What is good in me?

Your physical attributes and your immense talents are some of thethings that are good in you.