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Why do you have knots in your back?

Knots are areas of muscle that are in contraction or spasm. You can get them from overworking a muscle in your back. You can also get them from overstretching a muscle. This i (MORE)

Can you get knotted with your dog?

Yes. In fact, because the knot puts pressure on the g-spot and locks into the woman, the woman will have multiple orgasms for as long as they are knotted. Because the knot can (MORE)
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How did a knot get its name?

In the early days of sailing a method had to be devised to calculate the speed of a ship or boat through the water. One method used was a length of rope with knots tied in i (MORE)

What is a 'Gordian Knot'?

The Gordian Knot of history was a complicated Turk's Head, tied with the bark of the Cornel Tree. Over time, the bark shrank and hardened, making it impossible to untie. Many (MORE)

How far is a knot?

A knot is not a distance but rather the speed equivalent of one  nautical mile. It is approximately 1.85 kmph or 1.51 mph.

What is isis knot?

"We do not know the exactly the origin of the Isis knot, which  seems to illustrate a knotted piece of cloth, though initially its  hieroglyphic sign was perhaps a variant o (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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