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How does Gordon die in the movie 2012?

he dies when he is trying to grab Jackson's hand and he slips off and is crushed by the gears of the ship. it looked painful :( im so sad he died oh well everybodys gotta die (MORE)

Who was Sally Lightfoot for whom a crab and a sailboat class were named?

  According to antique seamen's lore, Sally Lightfoot is a night club dancer in the Caribbean. Although wearing hardly anything to cover her divine body, her dress is bri (MORE)
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Is Zachary Gordon Jewish?

Zachary Gordon is Jewish. Both of his parents are Jewish.He keeps kosher,goes to shul on shabbos,is having his bar mitzvah, goes to a Jewish camp.
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How old is Harry Gordon Selfridge?

Harry Gordon Selfridge was born on January 11, 1858 and died on May 8, 1947. Harry Gordon Selfridge would have been 89 years old at the time of death or 157 years old today.
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What are Juliette Gordon Low's accomplishments?

The most well-known accomplishment of Juliette Gordon Low is that fact that she started the first troop of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts in the United States and is considered the f (MORE)

My love for you by Gordon Lightfoot -what album?

Unfortunately, this song was never released on vinyl or CD. It is only available if you own the DVD of the 1982 movie , " Harry Tracy : Last Of The Wild Bunch (also called "Ha (MORE)

Who is Jeff Gordon?

Jeff Gordon (born August 4, 1971) is a NASCAR driver in the number  24 Chevrolet SS. Jeff Gordon is a 4 time Winston Cup Champion and a  3 time Daytona 500 Champion. Jeff wo (MORE)

Does Gordon lightfoot have a brother?

  He does not have a brother but he does have an older sister, Beverley who used to be his business manager.
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Where does Zachary Gordon live?

8075 West Third Street Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA, 90048-4318 Hold down your mouse onto the link - from the beginning and drag it and copy it - right click - and then pas (MORE)
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Where does Gordon lightfoot live?

He lives in the Rosedale area of Toronto, where he has lived for  the past 25 years.     Hello Susan: CORRECTION to your answer :That is not correct  information. (MORE)