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What are facts about gorillas?

  The reason they call Gorillas Gorillas is because Gorilla means hairy man .   Gorillas are a a lot like humans except they have bigger muscles and a they are a lot lo (MORE)
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Who is Koko the gorilla?

Koko is a gorilla who is able to understand more than 1000 signs based on American sign language. She cannot speak but she understands over 2000 spoken English words. Answere (MORE)
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How dangerous are gorillas?

well to start with gorillas are very peacefull animals and are vegitarians and will defend their group eaven if it results as their death how ever a silver back that feels thr (MORE)
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What do gorillas do?

Gorillas, like humans, are primates. This means they share a common ancestor with humans, a proto-ape, if you will. Because of this evolutionary kinship, they are very like us (MORE)

Are Gorillas herbivores?

Yes, they are herbivores. Yes, gorillas are 97% vegetarian , mainly fruit, and 3% insectivorous, mainly termites. Yes, they eat fruit and vegetation (and the occasional insec (MORE)

Do gorillas hibernate?

no they dont because they live in dense and warm places! so there is no reason for them to hibernate cause they needthe warm weather!

How do you use disambiguation in a sentence?

The word "disambiguation" is a noun, a word for wording that  has undergone clarification, from which ambiguity has been removed.   A noun is used as the subject of a sen (MORE)

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