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Distance from sydney to gosford Australia?

74.1 km (46 miles) - about 1 hour 11 mins driving time.   Sydney NSW, Australia to Gosford NSW, Australia   1. Head north on George St toward Angel Pl 0.4 km   (MORE)

How do you go to the park in petpet park?

The park has changed. Go click on the map, and then you will see several different places. I've been playing on that website for a year, isn't that long? I know.    To me, (MORE)

Can you park a car in Central Park?

No, you cannot park your car in Central Park. However, Central Park is surrounded by city streets. It is bordered by 59th Street to the south, 110th Street to the north, Centr (MORE)

Is there a skate park in Central Park?

Yes and no. There is an area that is commonly used as a skate park, but it was never built or officially designated as such (to my knowledge, at least). It's called the Lite (MORE)

How does a park become a State Park?

State Parks are adminstered by the State Government, such as Liberty State park. New Jersey has several State parks but no true National Parks- apart from Washington"s Headqua (MORE)

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