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How does the Gospel of Matthew view gentiles?

Matthew records Jesus' comments about the centurion, who showed great faith, and he also notes the acceptance of gentiles as equal with Jews in God's Kingdom.   Matthew (MORE)

Is Nicodemus mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew?

No - Nicodemus is only mentioned in the Gospel of John. There is a pattern in John's Gospel for Jesus to state something, which invariably was misunderstood, after which he m (MORE)

What did the Gospels of Matthew and Luke have in common?

A:The Gospels of Matthew and Luke were originally anonymous, and were not attributed by the Church Fathers to the apostles whose names they now bear until later in the second (MORE)

Central themes in the gospel of Matthew?

Compared to the other gospel writers, Matthew focused on the ancestry of Jesus and on the immaculate conception of His mother, Mary.
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When did St Matthew write his gospel?

Another answer from our community:   The traditional view is that Matthew wrote his Gospel between 65  and 80 AD.    There is currently a hypothesis that the Gospe (MORE)

What is the timeframe of the Gospel of Matthew?

Matthew's Gospel is believed to have been written around 85 CE, although Raymond E Brown suggests a margin of error of about ten years either way. The book tells of the life o (MORE)

What is Jesus' image in the gospel of Matthew?

Matthew Gospel presents Jesus as the great Teacher,who has the authority to interpret the Law of God, and who teaches about God's kingdom. Much of his teaching is gathered by (MORE)