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What is gospel?

Answer 1 The message and story of God's saving activity through the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of His unique Son Jesus. Answer 2 The gospel in the English (MORE)

What is the gospel?

The gospel is the Good News - that Jesus has risen from the dead  - because he died for us so that we might live.  The gospel is the good news of the lord.    Answer (MORE)

What are the Gospels?

Gospel is teaching and principles of a religious leader.   The Gospels in the bible are: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.   The Gospels are accounts of the life and teachi (MORE)

What are gospels?

  The term "gospel" has come to mean any authoritative document that is intended to describe the life of Jesus. Many gospels have been written, but only four are now consi (MORE)

When was the gospel and where and why?

The word gospel means "good news." In Christianity, the Gospel refers to the good news that Jesus was teaching, which focused on the Bible prophecies saying Jesus would return (MORE)

How is the gospel described in Mark's gospel?

As Jesus the Messiah (the Christ) coming in the flesh in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and promise (for ex - Genesis 3:15 or Isaiah 53) to die for our sins (Daniel 9)a (MORE)

Why are gospel book called gospel?

The origins of the word lie in Old English (the language of the Anglo Saxons up to about 1150) Gospel: Old English gōdspel, from gōd [good] + spel [news, a story], translati (MORE)

What gospel is the origin of the synoptic gospels?

All the New Testament gospels were originally anonymous and were only attributed to the apostles whose names they now bear later in the second century. The first gospel was t (MORE)

Why is Luke's Gospel a synoptic gospel?

A:   The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke are known as synoptic gospels  because when laid in parallel and read synoptically ('with the same  eye') in the original Gree (MORE)