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Do all German people speak German?

Well, in Germany there is only one official language and that is German. If people from other countries come to Germany and they want to get the German citizenship, they need (MORE)

What do i do to be a goth?

Listen to Goth Rock or a Sub-Genre of it. This doesn't mean cut yourself, write poetry (although you may), contemplate excessively, speak like your from the 1400's, be sad, li (MORE)

Are you goth?

I, personally, am. I have a great understanding of the Gothic subculture and a deep interest in the music, literature and fashion along with the darker side of life.
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How German shepherd help people?

The German Shepherd Dog is a wonderful family pet, apart from that it is used as guard dog, as guide dog for blind and deaf, and help police and military in different jobs lik (MORE)

What do you do if people call you emo or goth but your not even close to being emo or goth?

If you're the opposite of a goth or Emo (those are two different things by the way. They should not confuse them) and people think you are them, then they don't know what a tr (MORE)

What did the Germans do to the people they considered inferior?

Nazis in Germany rounded up the people they considered inferior and  sent them to concentration camps. The prisoners were treated  cruelly there and millions were killed.
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How many people in the world are German?

  The number of Germans in the world is dependent on how the term "German" is defined. It depends on whether "partial German ancestry" or only "single-ancestry ethnic Ge (MORE)

What is the life style of German people?

Germany has a very urbanized society, with lifestyles emphasized in  recreational, leisure and physical fitness activities. A lot of  Germans enjoy hiking, camping, skiing a (MORE)

Who are the germanic people?

Germanic is a language group in north-western Europe which  comprises German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English.  In the last days of the western part of the Ro (MORE)