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Where is gotham city?

Gotham City is not a real place, it is a work of fiction from the Batman comics created by Bob Kane. It is a version of New York City. It's a mix between New York and Chiacg (MORE)

Where is Lowe's in New York City?

I could not find a Lowe's in Manhattan. I don't think one exists. But there is one in Brooklyn, and one on Staten Island. Brooklyn Lowe's is at 118 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 1 (MORE)

Is Harrods in New York City?

No, Harrods is a London department store. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry.
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What island is New York City on?

New York City consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Manhattan and Staten Island are each islands, and Brooklyn and Queens are (MORE)
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Were is gotham city?

Confusingly enough there is no actual definite answer to where Gotham City is even located, various Writers have changed it's location over the years. A majority of the time i (MORE)

Is it New York city or city of New York?

The official name is just "New York." Their web site uses "New York City" or the initials, NYC. But you can use either, both "New York City" or "City of New York" are valid wh (MORE)

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