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Why is price gouging bad?

Price gouging is considered bad by most people because it makes the price of things go up much higher than they should be, so that only the wealthy can afford them. In other w (MORE)

What is gouging in welding process?

Gouging is a process where an arc is established between a carbon rod and the metal to be gouged and the metal is melted. A steady flow of air is blown into that molten pool r (MORE)

What is Gouging torch in welding?

There are two types of gouging. First is with oxy-fuel. A special tip is used in the cutting torch that lets you direct the flame almost parallel to the work. A low pressure s (MORE)

What is price gouge?

When a company charges you significantly more for a good than the amount required to cover its costs especially when the good is more of a necessity than a want.
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How does Oedipus gouge out his eyes in 'Oedipus Rex'?

It is with his wife's gold brooches that Oedipus gouges out his eyes in " Oedipus Rex " by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.). Specifically, Theban Queen Jocasta hangs her (MORE)