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What does to gouge mean?

The verb gouge means to "dig out". It can be applied to digging a trench, or to using your fingers on someone's eyes in a fight. In slang usage, to gouge somebody means to (MORE)

What is consumer gouging?

Its raising prices when consumers have no choice but to buy from the company, its often a symptom of privately owned monopolies such as water or train companies in the UK.

What is price gouge?

When a company charges you significantly more for a good than the amount required to cover its costs especially when the good is more of a necessity than a want.
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What is a fairway gouge?

If you are talking about the chunk of Earth and grass that flies up when a golfer swings, then it's called a "divot".

What is gouging in welding process?

Gouging is a process where an arc is established between a carbon rod and the metal to be gouged and the metal is melted. A steady flow of air is blown into that molten pool r (MORE)

Is gouged a noun?

No, the word 'gouged' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to gouge. The past participle of the verb alsofunctions as an adjective . The word 'gouge' is both a no (MORE)