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Can honey dwarf gourami live with dwarf gourami?

I would advise not to add a dwarf gourami with a honey dwarf gourami. The honey gourami is very shy and much smaller than the dwarf gourami, and the dwarf gourami is prone to ( Full Answer )
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Can a Opaline gourami and a kissing gourami breed?

The Kissing gourami (Helostoma temminckii) is of a completely different species from the Opaline gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus). They are totally unrelated. The Opaline i ( Full Answer )
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What is the lifespan of a gourami?

Most of the Gourami family are fairly short lived fish only lasting around 5 years.
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What is a gouramis fish look like?

Gouramis are beautiful! Their color depends on the type, but theyare all pretty similar looking otherwise. They are tall and thinand have wide dorsal and pelvic fins but a rel ( Full Answer )
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Is a kissing pink gourami compatible with a blue gourami?

From personal experience I found my two kissing pink gouramis to be very gentle and happy fish, not semi aggressive as they are supposed to be but that is probably due to my l ( Full Answer )
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Can gold gourami live with blue dwarf gourami?

Based on my experience, yes, it can, but like every other aquarist or those who has a fish says, you should always watch out coz aggression might occur between the two species ( Full Answer )
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Can gourami and dwarf gourami live together?

Not really. There will be some bullying in the tank if the gourami is bigger than the dwarf gourami. Usually the dwarf will be left lone but there is usually fin nipping.
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Can an opaline gourami breed with a gold gourami?

My opaline male & golden female have been interacting as a usual couple for about 8 months since thier introduction & are now finally mating... hopefully they do produce young ( Full Answer )