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What does the CIA do?

Its mission is to collect and correlate intelligence abroad, provide direction and coordination of foreign intelligence and such other duties as the President directs.
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What a CIA agent do?

it depends on the type of cia agent. Lots of paper work but they basicly find out about any threats that pose on the United States. They work off U.S soil while the F.B.I work (MORE)

What do you do as a cia agent?

A cia officer or agent's center of motivation(motive) is to collect foreign intelligence and information to provide the United States policy makers(politicians/congress) infor (MORE)

Who started the CIA?

President Harry Truman Added: Technically the above answer is correct - however, in reality the CIA actually existed prior to then but was officially known as the 'Office of S (MORE)

Can CIA have tattoos?

"I have a tattoo. Will that prohibit me from Agency employment?" "Tattoos will not disqualify you from gaining employment at the CIA, and all professionally-qualified persons (MORE)

What is the CIA and what do they do?

The CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency. Its main job is to  collect and analyze foreign information concerning the US. Their  headquarters is in Langley, VA. They have b (MORE)

Will having herpes type 1 disqualify you from the CIA medical exam?

It shouldn't. About 80 percent of the populaiton has HSV1, it's the virus that causes cold sores on the mouth. I bet there are a few other people in the CIA with cold sores to (MORE)

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