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What are slicks in auto racing?

  Drag slicks are tires with no tread. They have more traction on a dry surface than treaded tires do. (Grooves in a tire are there for wet roads, and no one drag races on (MORE)
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Why do you see the colors on oil slicks?

This is a property of thin films, one thing to remember is that there is some thickness to the oil. When light hits the top surface of the oil, some of the light is reflected (MORE)

What does it mean to call someone slick?

to call someone slick means to call them cunning, crafty or sly. you can also describe a businessperson as being slick. this means that they are astute and deceptive
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Slick vinyl pool?

  Usually this is a cleaning problem that concrete pools do not have. The bacteria that builds up is more aparent in vinyl pools and makes them slick. There are solutions (MORE)