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What does gram positive and gram negative mean?

Gram positive and gram negative is one way of classifying a bacteria. Gram positive bacterias have a cell wall which will stain in violet color. Gram negative bacterias, how (MORE)

The difference of gram positive and gram negative?

there is only difference in gram positive and negative is of cell wall as : The Gram positive cell wall The Gram positive cell wall is characterised by the presence of a ver (MORE)

Gram positive and gram negative bacteria?

CHARACTERISTICS OF GRAM POSITIVE AND GRAM NEGATIVE**** GRAM POSITIVE BACTERIA: 1. A very thick cell wall of peptidoglycan 2. If a flagellum is present it contain two rings fo (MORE)

Do gram negative bacteria get a negative stain?

No, the Gram stain is a differential stain which classifies bacteria as either gram-positive or gram negative. The cell is first stained with a primary stain such as crystal (MORE)

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