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What does Grammy stand for?

Grammy stands for... G- Gramophone R- Radio A- And M- Modern M- Music Y- ( i think they added the 'y' to make it sound like a word otherwise it would be the Gramm (MORE)

Can songwriters get grammys?

Yes, the category "Song of the year" is actually awarded to the Songwriter. If you go to the Grammy website (see link provided), you can click on the tab "The Recording Academ (MORE)

How many Grammys has Radiohead won?

Radiohead has won atleast 6 Grammy awards. 1998 - Best alternative album 2001 - best alternative album 2002 - packaging amnesiac special edition 2004 - production, swe (MORE)

What industry gives out Grammy Awards?

A Grammy Award (originally called Gramophone Award) - or Grammy - is an accolade by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States to recognize outst (MORE)

What are the Grammy awards?

The Grammy awards are talent recognition presentations given out by  the recording academy of the Grammy foundation. Grammy Awards are  meant to appreciate the contribution (MORE)

Did Jason Derulo win a Grammy?

No. As of 2014, Jason Derulo has not been nominated for, nor has he  received, a GRAMMY Award.
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What Grammy did Celine Dion win?

1993 - Best Pop Performance by a Duo... - "Beauty and the Beast" with Peabo Bryson 1997 - Album of the Year - Falling into You 1997 - Best Pop Vocal Album - Falling into Yo (MORE)