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How much would a Lumar toy gramophone in box with 5 records cost?

It depends on type, age and condition. I recently bought one with three records (in poor condition) for 18 pounds (UK). It is a clockwork one which is rare, but in poor condit (MORE)
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What nursery rhyme was heard on the first demonstration of the gramophone record?

  Mary had a little lamb was used to test the Edison phonograph in l877 Thomas Edison, inventor here. curiously early Edison phonos did NOT use electricity but were clockw (MORE)

What was the Impact of the gramophone?

It allowed all classes to listen to music, as orchestral performances were very expensive. It also allowed more choice of music as they were double sided records. It led to th (MORE)

When was the gramophone record invented?

   A device used to record sound was invented in 1877 by Thomas Alva Edison - the first generally known machine to record and play back sounds. The first recording medi (MORE)

Who invented the gramophone?

Thomas Edison invented his tin-foil phonograph, Edison's phonograph was followed by Alexander Graham Bell's graphophone. In 1887 Emile Berliner invented the gramophone and re (MORE)
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What is the most sought after gramophone record?

I cannot say definitively as, with all antique and specialized items, it depends upon how much a collector is prepared to pay but I should think that one of the records made b (MORE)
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Why was the gramophone invented?

Emile Berliner invented the gramophone in 1887. The gramophone was  invented as a marketing ploy to get famous artists to begin  recording their material on this new inventi (MORE)

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