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How far is Granada city centre from Granada airport?

Granada City Center is 20 km from the Granada Airport. GranadaAirport mainly handles flights to Madrid and Barcelona. The GranadaAirport was opened in 1972.
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What is Granada?

Granada is a city in Spain, Europe. In my opinion, it is verycultural and interesting. Home to the Alhambra, as well. TheAlhambra is a complex of palaces and fortresses, a ver ( Full Answer )
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Why is Granada famous?

Mainly for the Alhambra palace. A Moorish Palace built by the Moors in the middle ages.
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Is Granada studios still open?

In a word no! It is still operational as a tv studio but no longer a tourist attraction.
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Who sang the song Camp Granada?

Allan Sherman-1963 the name of the song is: "Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)"