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How often does a grand slam happen in baseball?

Unfortunately, the most recent data I could find was for the 2008 MLB season. In 2008, 124 grand slams were hit (72 in the AL and 52 in the NL) in 2428 total games for an aver (MORE)

Who hit the most grand slams in an Major League Baseball game?

The MLB record for grand slams in one game is 2 and has been done by 13 players.   1) Tony Lazzeri - New York Yankees - 1924 2) Jim Tabor - Boston Red Sox - 1939 3) Rud (MORE)

Who hit the 1st grand slam in baseball history?

  Roger Connor of the Troy Trojans is believed to have hit the first grand slam, on September 10, 1881, although Charlie Gould hit one for the Boston Red Stockings in the (MORE)

Did anyone ever hit grand slam for first Major League Baseball hit?

  Yes. Through games played on August 10, 2009 that has happened at least three times: 1) April 21, 1898: Bill Duggleby of the Philadelphia Phillies. 2) August 31, 200 (MORE)