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What is a go-ahead grand slam?

A "go ahead grand slam" would be a bases loaded home run that put a team that was trailing ahead of the opposition.
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What is a 'Grand Slam' in tennis?

Nickname for every Major tournament. The title 'Grand Slam' in tennis once meant winning all 4 major tennis tournaments in one calender year. The four majors are The Austral (MORE)
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What is the biggest Grand Slam in tennis?

  In terms of importance, most spectators and players believe that the oldest tennis Grand Slam, Wimbledon, is the most important. In terms of size, as determined by the (MORE)

What is a grand slam in softball?

The same rule applies as baseball runners are on all 3 bases batter hits a home run driving in all 3 runs along with him or herself whether it be over the fence or infield of (MORE)
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How do you win a tennis grand slam?

  Whenever you win the four majors in one year calendar, then it is said that you won a Grand Slam.
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Who hit the 1st grand slam in baseball history?

  Roger Connor of the Troy Trojans is believed to have hit the first grand slam, on September 10, 1881, although Charlie Gould hit one for the Boston Red Stockings in the (MORE)
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What is a Tennis Grand Slam Title?

  A "grand slam" can mean two different things in tennis.   Most people consider a "grand slam title" winning one of the four majors (Australian Open, French Open, Wimb (MORE)
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Where did the term 'grand slam' come from?

 Answer   "Grand Slam" is a bridge term for winning all of the tricks in a hand. It come into sport first through Golf to honour the achievement of Bobby Jones in winni (MORE)
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What makes a Tennis Grand Slam?

First of all there are four Major Tournaments in tennis, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon & U.S. Open. A real tennis Grand Slam is when one player holds all for Major T (MORE)