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What is step granddaughter?

  step grandaughter is if your mums dad or dads dad marrys another woman that will make her your step nan and you would be her step daughter
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What rhymes with granddaughter?

The main ones listed (for "daughter") on are water and slaughter. There are many words you can add on to water/slaughter as well to make a better rhyme with "gra (MORE)
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What are you to your granddaughters daughter?

I am going to be my granddaugher's sponsor for confirmation and I would like to give her the bracelet as a gift. ( the script reading --granddaughter instead of daughter)
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Is granddaughter an adjective?

No. Granddaughter is a noun. Except for the possessive form (granddaughter's) there is no adjective as there is for daughter (daughterly).
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Did Osceola have a granddaughter?

Yes, Osceola's daughter, Napanee McKendree (Powell) had a daughter.  Her name was Sara Nix (McKendree).
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