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Most goals in 1 hockey game?

Most goals by ONE team in an NHL game is 16, scored by the Montreal Canadiens on 3 March 1920. They beat the Quebec Bulldogs 16-3. The most goals scored in total by both teams (MORE)

How do you copy a PlayStation 1 game?

You can use "dd" with OS X or Linux or use Toast Titanium or something. They're only data disks and AFAIK they're not encrypted.
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How many games are there for the PlayStation 1?

As of 2007, around the same time that support was dropped for the original PlayStation, there were 7,918 individual software titles for the Sony PlayStation. The final origina (MORE)

Which godfather game better 1 2?

i used to have "The Godfather" on PS2 & i now have "The Godfather II" on PS3. What I think is that, the GF2 is better for graphics but the GF1 is more fun to play.
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