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What is the difference between granular and non-granular leukocytes?

The difference is that granular leukocytes have granules in their cytoplasm while non-granular do not. Also granular leukocytes, such as neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophil (MORE)
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What is a granular inclusion?

its a grainy like form of berrys being bubbled up like a mushroom on a verry high cloud in the bright blue sky and its flys around oh so pretty.

What is a granular noise?

It is a cause of error in Delta Modulation. When the original signal is nearly constant the output will vary due to long step size and appears to be varying. or If the origin (MORE)
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What is granular fluid?

A granular fluid is a material that behaves as a fluid in the quantities considered. Flour, sand, wheat, and indeed even gravel could be considered as fluids when free flowi (MORE)
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What is granular disintegration?

of a rock become loosened.Grains fall out to leave a pitted, unevensurface.Granular disintegration may be a result of freeze-thaw,hydro-fracturing, thermal expansion or salt-w (MORE)